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The insurance claims adjuster won't call me. Beginning to feel ignored. What do I do?

I got into a really minor fender bender almost a month ago, I was parked outside on the street where both myself and the other driver lives. I was waiting for my roommate in my car, while it was parked to come outside. What seemed like a minute after she had gotten into my car, we felt an impact from the rear of the car.

A lady who lives in the building next to mine had backed up into my car from an angle while she was trying to make a turn to get a parallel parking space which was across from my car. The street isn't too big so she was trying to bust out some weird turn, is what she told me.

Damages on my car was paint damage on the right rear side of my bumper, dent and paint damage above the tire, and paint damage on the back side door. Damages on the other driver's vehicle was a lot more minor, some paint damage on the right corner of her bumper.

I didn't call the police and I asked to exchange information. I filed a claim with my insurance company minutes after. Turns out I don't have collision on my policy so I had to take it up with the other driver's insurance (infinity).

We were assigned a claims adjuster and I have been calling religiously since the day of the accident. I have left messages after messages and no call back. I have not even spoken to the claims adjuster and it's been almost a month. I've tried to reach out to someone else only to get rude service and responses basically telling me she'll call me back when she feels like it (also discovered that the other driver's story was that we BOTH backed up into each other). I've also got in contact with her superior and only to get attitude and no progress and the response "Still under investigation, call back after the weekend."

I've called, like I have been doing and I'm pretty sure they're ignoring me, along with the mechanic who I will have the damages repaired from. I don't know what to do. I've tried to reach out to a superior, obviously that didn't do much and I'm not sure taking it up to a small claims court is worth it. I hate to stress out over something so little but I'm confused to how to handle the situation.

Thank you, I'd really appreciate some advice.

Answer to The insurance claims adjuster won't call me. Beginning to feel ignored. What do I do?:


This is not uncommon. I am sorry to tell you. Adjusters can be pretty rude if the carrier is overwhelmed with claims or the carrier does not have a very good quality control.

This does not mean you should take this lightly. You have a few options.

You can file a complaint with the department of insurance or office of the insurance commissioner of your state, they usually get going to answer those pretty quickly.

You can also see if you can start a small claims suit against the driver. See our section on small claims here:

Hopefully, this will get them moving.

Good Luck,
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