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The run around, that's all the insurance company is donig

by Katie

I was driving straight at 15mph at the most and there was a car that turned left into oncoming traffic (me).

She was cited for oncoming traffic left hand turn. This happened on 2-18-10. Its now 2-22-10 and she has not been in contact with her insurance co. I feel I'm being put on the back burner.

I have not heard from the insurance company. I have called them 3-4 times with the police report number and her info from the police report. What my next step if I do not hear from them in the next couple days??

Is this normal? Should I contact a lawyer?

My car is drivable but the headlight on one side is missing and a lot of front end side damage. I do not want to risk getting a ticket.

Thank you!



Hello Katie,

Well, usually first contact happens within 3 days. Most insurance companies are good about at least tell you what is next.

Sounds like this is a claim where adjusters must make a complete investigation. A left turn could be disputed and thus they must unsure that what you are telling them is really what happened.

Unfortunately, a police report number is not enough. It tell the insurance company nothing. They have to get the actual report (sometimes this takes up to 2 weeks) and/or a statement from their own client (again, their client story may be different than yours).

See more about claim investigations here:

This leaves consumers like you in a bad position. You can request that the insurance company reimburse for a rental car so you are not risking the ticket. They will probably not pay for that up front, but if they find that their client is liable, they will probably pay for the reasonable expenses.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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