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Theft by mechanical shop | Coverage

by Heidi

My 450 SL was taken to a mechanic'a shop to set my timing on it in order to pass the smog test;

I was charged money and it was never done, I took it back to smog place and they adjusted it for me to get it to pass, I took the car back to the mechanic to have the timing put back before iI realised that he never did it at all and was told there were other things wrong with the car;

I told himk to go ahead and fix these things; hundreds of dollars later I drove home and the car was barely running, on the way home I noticed many things had been taken off my car, rear view mirror, gas pedal, side mirrors, all on the way home. When I got home I noticed more things.

My question is, Is this something my insurance should be covering, even if I don't have pictures of everything in my car? I do have holes where things used to be connected all over the car. I would appreciate anything you can tell me. Thank you for you time.


Hello Heidi,

It depends. You have to look at your policy and see what it reads for damage to your covered auto. Most insurance policies cover theft, which this is what happened, however you have to follow the steps (must have a police report, must report this to insurance within certain amount of time).

It is possible that the insurance company argue that 1. you did not have these things in your car or that this is a fraud claim, not a theft claim and therefore there is no coverage. This is a possible argument that I want you to be mindful of.

The faster you contact the insurance company and the police department the better. You clearly were rip off and it is possible that your insurance will cover this (subject to having the correct information).

Good Luck,

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