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Theft of stereo and contents

by Ronnie

My car was parked in the lot I pay for near my home. Yesterday evening someone broke in to my car and stole my stereo system and 4 tv's. I do not have full coverage. Is the parking garage and its insurance company liable for all the stolen goods? Thanks


Hi Ronnie,

Well, it depends of what kind of contract or agreement do you have with them. If this is a secure, enclosed parking lot then you probably have a claim.

However, most parking lots disclose any and all liability from their parking garages. Since this is a contract, that type of things can be contract away.

Your claim is somewhat more difficult. Your vehicle was not stolen, only the contents. Since this is the case, the parking garage will argue that they are not responsible for any of your equipment, only the actual vehicle.

The insurance company will probably deny that claim unless you can prove in someway that the parking garage was negligent (i.e. they did not provide security knowing that the vehicle was in a high crime area).

I am sorry to hear about your loss.

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