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They say it is a total loss?

by Martell

Someone hit me on the right side fender and bumper it just a little dent and paint on it but united.

Automobile insurance trying to say it a total loss. I have a 94 Chevy. Caprice in I love my car I just paid 2300 for it in March I just want them to get it fix the man at the shop they sent me to said estimate 730 but the insurance people say total loss.

I will not take that my car is in great sharp what can I do picture is perfect u can the small dent

Answer to: They say it is a total loss?

Hello Martell,

It is the system we live in. Your car is a total loss if the value to fix the vehicle is at or more than its fair market value.

Look at the estimate and then ask to see the vehicle evaluation. How did the come to the conclusion is worth $750? or Close to $750?

Although this may sound like a weird idea, you could elect to have them pay you and keep the cash. They will total the car (the title), but if it is only small damage, you may get the money on your pocket.

Still, try to ascertain why they believe your car is worth that much. You have good evidence that is worth more (you bought it a few months ago for more).

Please see our section on total loss here.

Good Luck,
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