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Third Party Auto claim denied by Travelers Insurance

by Kim
(Schaumburg, IL)

I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. My car was paid off so I only carried Liability on it. Big mistake by me. I was hit from behind by a Panera Bread Truck 2/5/11. The drive not only caused damage to my vehicle but he also knocked down a utility pole in the middle of the expressway in Illinois.

Illinois State Police arrived at the scene and determined it was the other drivers fault. He was issued a ticket for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. That was also stated on the Police crash report.

The driver denied that he caused the accident to Travelers Insurance. He was also fired on the spot by Panera Bread.

Travelers gave me the run around until a month and 3 days later to notify me that they were denying my claim because they were standing by their insured even though fault was given to him by the police.

Is there a way I can get this reversed in my favor??????


Hello Kim,

Unfortunately, you will have to go against the bread company and/or driver by yourself. You could do that in a formal lawsuit and/or you may have to go to small claims court. Please see our section on small claims, there are BIG considerations before you do that.

If you are injured, talk to an attorney!

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Please talk to a lawyer, you before you do anything in small claims.

Good Luck,
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