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This is our first insurance claim, what should I do?

by Kassie

My husband was hit while stopped in traffic waiting to make a left turn. The truck that hit him belongs to a company and I have spoken to their insurance company.

Their insurance claim adjuster tells me that in order to get a rental I have to carry full coverage insurance or pay ten dollars a day for the car rental company to provide it, which does not sound right, they should have to pay all expenses.

The woman offered me 500.00 since I refused to pay anything. Now, she only wants to give me an offer on my car? My husband has been to the hospital twice and is on medicine that makes him tired all the time, and has to miss work.

My daughter wasn't physically injured but, hasn't been able to sleep since the accident.

My son is fine, but we had to cut the seat belt to remove it from the car and is now worthless, our stroller was in the trunk and is smashed now. We have had to pay out of our pocket (not including the hospital bills):

approx. 300.00 What should I do? What can I get replaced? Please help!!!

This is our first insurance claim, what should I do?


Hello Kassie

Yeah, this does not sound right. Your husband had nothing to do with this accident; therefore he is 0% at fault for this accident (based on the facts you gave me).

This means that the other insurance company must pay 100% of your damages, that includes rental, stroller, medical visits, time missed from work etc. You should not have to pay anything out of pocket.

If the insurance company or the company that hit you continues to give you the run around, get an attorney.

If they are short changing you with your car and rental, they will probably do the same with the medical bills and pain and suffering of you husband. They are not treating right.

Good Luck,

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