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Time limit for filling a claim | how to find insurance info for driver

I had an accident on 1/27/2009. Did not file claim. no injuries. my car has damage and I would like to file a claim against other driver. is it too late?


Hello, sorry to hear about your accident.

The shortest statute of limitation for property damage claims is 2 years, so you have time to file. You should not wait long however. Waiting can give insurance companies the room to argue that your damages are not “related to this one accident” but to some other unrelated incident.

Regarding the police report, there are no codes for insurance companies. Usually there is space on the report to identify the carrier and the police number. It should be clear on your police report. If there is no information there, contact the police officer and ask them. That is about your best bet. It is possible that this person has no insurance but they would have noted that too.

Good Luck,

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