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Time limit on an auto claim??

by J. Colson
(Bedford, Kentucky)

I was in an accident September 01, 2009 that I filed an insurance claim on, that same morning...

The vehicle was fully insured, yet to date, (November 17, 2009) my car is still sitting outside in the weather with a broken windshield (a horse came through the windshield.

I requested a rental vehicle, which my policy covers, yet I can't seem to get the insurance adjuster on the phone, and he won't return my phone calls...

My car is the primary vehicle to drive my husband and me back and forth to work due to its economical gas mileage...Now we are driving our Dodge 1500 which takes twice the gas that my car does...

I've calculated this cost, and we've spent over 300 dollars in gasoline than we would have with my car...

What do I do?? We are a very budgeted family, and can't afford this anymore...It's putting us under for something that isn't our fault...??


Thanks so much,

J. Colson


Hello J. Colson,

I am sorry you are in this situation. You have a duty to report the loss and they you will have a duty to mitigate your damages. Please see:

This is of course unfair. You need to get to work. Try to get a manager on the phone. If you cannot, you need to file a complaint with the office of the insurance commissioner or the department of insurance (called different things in different states).

This usually gets them moving quickly (very).

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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