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Title and Registration Fees

My car is considered a total loss. Am I entitled to recieve back the amount of money I paid 2 mos. ago to title and register my car in Wisconsin?

If I keep the car?

If I sign it over to the insurance company?

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Aug 23, 2007
Total Loss Fees
by: Casey & Hector

Hello, thanks for summiting your question.

The total loss process in Wisconsin allows you to recover all your fees. If you registered the car 2 months ago, then you need to be given the registration fees back.

What most insurance companies do is that they quote you or "include" all fees and cost on the settlement offer. So, you are better off to ask for an offer and ask for the specific break down of the settlement. That way you know if they are including that or not.

Do provide them with copy of your payments. They need to take that into account. This apply to both situations, but they could deduct the 2 months you used the registration.

Good luck,

Casey & Hector.

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