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Told a check was sent out, then told about a coverage issue no check

Was hit from behind by an admitted sleeping driver someone came and took pictures of my car and then I received a phone message stating a check was issued and being sent out.

Then I get another message that there is now a coverage issue and there not paying? Is there anything I can due about this abuse, I'm now starting to get headaches.



Well, if you have issues with whiplash and don't feel 100% how you always do, and you think it is because of the accident. You need to go get checked out by your doctor. You will have to file a PIP claim (if you have that coverage) and they will pay for you medical bills.

You should get your insurance company on board as there may not be coverage and if that is the case, you will have to have your insurance company pay for your damages (under collision coverage, if you have it). If you don't have collision, then you are going to have to go against the other driver (unless you have uninsured motorist coverage).

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