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Total car or repair

by Sandy

I was hit from behind police called, other driver at fault. His insurance wants to total the car, my repair shop says it is not a total is a 93, pristine condition and owner has no way of obtaining any other vehicle.


Hi Sandy,

Total losses are complicated because there is a lot of paper work and things to consider. Be aware of insurance adjuster's, they will want to settle your total loss for the lowest amount of money possible.

If you want your car totaled, visit: We have written articles about the subject.

A car total loss, a truck total loss, or just about any can of total loss can be overturned with correct documentation.

Equally, you can compel them to fix the car with the correct amount of paper work. This is a hard fight, and as you said, your car is pristine, but the insurance company will not consider that it is.

I hope this information can help you make a decision.

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