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Total Loss After Repair Estimates

by monique

I was in a car accident on oct 26,2007, reported to the insurance company. adjuster came out estimated damages $4700. Two weeks later the called me and said they was totaling the vehicle out.

Almost two months lean holder waiting for payment, I am also waiting to get difference to get another car.Insurance company didn't pay for rental. Who do I need to contact in this situation?


Hi Monique,

it sounds like you are getting the run around. Two months and no payment does not sound correct. The loan is probably accruing interest that you will be responsible for. Not paying for the rental too, it just does not add up.

Has the insurance company say that they are accepting 100% liability? They probably have, but this is the type of situation when the insurance company has not accepted 100% fault and they are dragging their feet.

Where can you go? 1. you can contact the office of the insurance commissioner or the department of insurance (it is called different things in different states). In many states this is a good way to get the insurance company moving, in some others, not so much.
2. Consult with an attorney. This is will always make them give you an straight answer.

Good Luck,

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Sep 30, 2010
repair vs deminishing value
by: Anonymous

Hi, My wife has a2006 BMw 525i, paid off, and clean. she was in an auto accident. The adjuster from the person at fault, has authorized over $12000 worth or repair. When I contacted him, re replied by stating that to consider a total loss in nevada, they deduct paint , labor, and taxes out to calculate the 60% total loss calculation.
As for dimishing value, once the car is fully repaired I have been given the option to take the car to a dealer and get an appraisal, That when they will consider diminishing value. Is this true and what if value changes in this time period, And bu the way, two month later the car is still at the dealer for repairs!
Thank You

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