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Total Loss and Fault Dispute

by lae
(Fort Worth, Texas, usa)

I was in a multi car accident. I was at a stop for traffic light and the vehicle behind me rear ended me and push my car forward and i hit the vehicle in front.

We file a police report which stated my vehicle and the vehicle in front was at a stop for traffic. Now my adjuster stated they got statement from the person in front and the person that hit me behind stating it was my fault.

My car is totaled and the adjuster will only accept 100% liability in the rear and only 50% liability in the front and only 50% of my medical bills. I am having major back pain still getting treatments from my chiropractor and having difficulty sitting and laying on my back which makes it hard to sleep.

Should I get my lawyers involved?


Hello lae,

The only way you can be 50% liable is if the insurance company believes that you hit the vehicle in front of you and then their driver hit you. If this is what happened, then that's what they are arguing.

At any rate, getting your lawyers involved is always a good idea.

Good Luck,
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