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Total loss claim | I purchased the car and cannot get title for total loss

by Jenaha

I filed a claim in February of this year, the car as deemed a total loss, and I was offered $2600.00 for the car.

The dealership I purchased the car from went out of business and the seller is no where to be found an I am currently trying to get the title to the car transferred into my name but I am the registered owner of the vehicle, will my claim expire if I cant get the title soon?


Claims do not expire unless you are past the statute of limitation for your state (this is a property damage claim, therefore you need to figure out what is your Property Damage Statute of Limitation).

Also, your policy might have a provision that allows for the claim to expire. These clauses are not very common, but they exist.

The best thing for you is to explain your situation and why you are not providing the title. The insurance company might help you get it if they can.

Good Luck

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