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Total Loss Damage

by Peggy

We had 2 accidents within a week we made 2 appointments the adjuster came out he said he was going to do them both he was not going to come back a second time.

After looking a the car he came in and said we can do this one of two ways we can consider this one accident saying the deer was the accident and it would not go on my record plus would not hurt our rates and only one dectuable we agreed he went out to car to do paper work talked to his boss.

When he came back he said his boss said that it would total the vehicle if both we combined which the car is in great shape and do not want it totaled so he gave us a check and said the other would come from office he didn't know aeructial cash value then they call and say the vehicle was totaled i said we took it to two separate repaired shops both say this vehicle is not totaled.

After this i got upset they said i had to talk to the adjuster when i did he got caught lying and hung up i have never been able to contact him sense plus know i find out after making me pay 2 deductibles they said we had to do the first repairs in three days how when we still had to get estimates then they took the amount they paid us for the first claim and took it off the check for the second claim and still totaled the car.

I fixed the first 2000.00 dollar damage with a plunger you can not even see the dent anymore plus I can fix most of the problems they just wanted to total the car and jack up my rates what can I do?


Hello Peggy,

You had two accidents in a short period of time. This will affect your rates with any insurance company. Also, if you had two losses you are subject to probably two deductibles.

There should not be combination of the claims only to offset the damage. Other than that, contact the department of insurance of your state.

Good Luck,
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