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Total Loss of Vehicle | Inpound fees

My car was totaled and it's still at the salvage yard the person that hit it was at fault. I didn't call their insurance company until i got the police report it took 10 days to get the report back.

I didn't know who the person was or if they had insurance until the report came back, are the liable for paying for my vehicle even though its been in the pound for almost 13 days?

They told me I had to try and get it out of pound until they could investigate what happened and that they had to talk to the driver of my vehicle.



It's possible that you may have to pay for this IF you fail to mitigate your damages. Please see our section on mitigation of damages.

If you cannot afford to get the vehicle out, write a letter (a writing is important) telling the insurance company why it took so long (the Police report would not come) and why you cannot get it out (you cannot pay for this). Tell them you need help mitigating your damages and that you cannot do it alone. Usually, a letter showing that you are trying to minimize the loss will help to show that you are mitigating by contacting them.

Of course, it's always advised to talk to a good lawyer in your area.

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