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Total loss question about lienholder

My car was a total lost and it has a leinholder on it. I brought the car back and i am having it fix. Can the leinholder still keep the money that’s left after the repairs. I am current on all car notes.

Instead of the insurance sending the check to me they sent it to the car company is that right.


If the car is a total loss, the money will go to the lienholder in exchange of the title. You can elect to keep the car as a totaled car with a bad title (if your state allows for this – most do).

If the money owed in the car is more than the amount of the settlement, then you are going to have to continue making payments until the car is completely paid for. If the settlement is more than the amount owed, then you will get the remainder.

For more information about lienholders and total loss, please see:

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