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Total Loss Settlement Taken Away? Is it possible?

My car was stolen on June 19, 2010. My insurance company said they would start the settlement 14 days after the car was stolen.

I finally got a settlement on July 8, 2010. The police found my car on the 9th. I had already signed my title over and mailed it to them.

I also had begun the process of purchasing another car. Now, they want to force the vehicle back to me, after I had already agreed to the settlement. No payment was issued. Is there any way I can fight this?



Well, I believe you can hold them to the settlement. When the settled, this was final. You gave them the title. I think their actions constitute a waiver.

At any rate, to make sure, you want to talk to a lawyer. If they settled, it's over. Talked to an attorney about this. You may have rights here.

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Jul 29, 2010
A good letter I found for insurance claims
by: Insured

Dear insured :

As you are aware, Digitory Solutions Inc. has been retained by your Insurance Claim Lawyer to assist in the measurement and verification of the personal property aspects of the above captioned loss. As you are also aware, our initial opinion with respect to the magnitude of physical damage sustained to the property covered under your policy was much greater then the amount visible during on site inspections. With your public adjuster's consent, we performed an independent inspection and inventory of personal property present at your residence.

Attached please find our independent contents inventory of your personal property, which includes our commentary on "total involvement" segregation (see the highlighted description columns). It is of our opinion that multiple areas of the insured premises may have been burnt beyond recognition, and will require your attention, along with our direction.

You will note that our claim valuation for your sustained loss is based solely on physical attributes that we were able to conduct during our on site inspections, as well as cross reference to multiple online databases.

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