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Totaled but at fault party lied

A man was driving on wrong side of road when I seen him looking off at the road. He was getting closer to me so I got over to a hill.

I close as I could but he still looking off then he look and move but it was too late when he past my car hit a big rock and totaled my car.

I called the police and I told them what happen got the report back no mention of him what should I do. My insurance wants his name. The man turn around came back stay till police came and told them it was my fault but he lied.

Answer to Totaled but at fault party lied:


This is not uncommon. People will lie to the police if they know there is no evidence. Even when there are witnesses, they will lie.

The key here is this: The police will take testimony from both parties and write it into the report. The report will become evidence with information given to them. The insurance company will review it and make a determination as to fault.

His testimony is not helpful to you, but it is not the only factor. This maybe a word v. word situation, so you want to try any witness you can.

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