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Totaled loss check | Settlement with bank

by Sasha
(Washington, GA)

I totaled my car and I have already filed my claim.

My total loss adjuster said that they would have to write off the check to the lien holder.

My questions is can't they write the check off to me so that I can get another vehicle, or can the dealership give me another car to replace the totaled loss, or can I just settled a agreement with the dealership to keep paying on the vehicle till I get it paid off.


Hello Sasha,

Sounds like you are upside down on your vehicle. Meaning, that the insurance company will pay your lien holder, and if you amount of the total loss is more than what you still owe on the car, then you will get the excess.

If, however, the total loss settlement is less than what the car is worth, you will likely have to continue making payments on the car (even if you no longer have the car). Insurance owes for what the car is worth and not for what you owe to the bank, therefore, you could be in a bad situation. See our pages as they relate to this subject below:

Good Luck,
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