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Totaled Vechile | No air bag deployment but want car totaled?

by Melissa
(Lexington, NC )

I have a 2010 Honda Civic, and I rear ended a vehicle going about 30 mph. It dropped my radiator down, pushed my engine back and broke my front bumper and side panels, and lights.

Since it pushed my side panels back, I wasn't able to open my drivers door to get out of my car. I almost "want" my car to be totaled because the air bags didn't come out and i have a 13 month old so I do not feel that it is safe for her to be riding in the car.


Hello Melissa,

Well, that sounds like a pretty hard impact. Total loss can be a nightmare, you want your car totaled but you have a brand new car (2010) which may make things a little difficult. Please see our pages regarding how you should approach that process:

Also read more about diminish value claims here:

Good Luck,
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