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Tried to avoid an accident


I was involved in a 3 car accident. Cars in front of me did a quick stop, I started to break so that I could also stop before getting to an accident.

I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that the car behind me was still going full speed and would end up rear ending me and possible cause a multi car accident. I looked to my left and saw that it was clear so I preceded to change lanes.

I went to my left, this is when I supposedly hit a van. Another car also did the same thing changed lanes to the left and ended up hitting the same van in the rear right bumper.

I just received a letter from my insurance company stating that I was 100% at fault. Is there anyway to fight this?



You need to file a claim with your own insurance company. They will do an investigation and should help you fight a claim against you. Your insurance company has a duty to defend you and believe your side of the story.

That would be your first step.

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