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Trucking accident, trucking company delaying accepting liability

by Diane

I was a passenger in a accident where my niece was the driver.

We were hit by freightliner truck. We were traveling south also a four lane hwy, then turning from 4 lane hwy going north making a left turn, in the far left lane. A freight truck traveling faster than my niece making a left turn also, his trailer and front of rear wheels hit our car, then forced my niece to be pushed on median that divides highway and not move.

The police says the truck driver was at fault. We gave a statement on July 2 to the trucking company adjuster. They have not repaired my niece's car, and have not given us the status of the accident.

Is this normal procedure. Or what should we do?



Some claims take time to investigate. Insurance companies have 30 days before they have to make a determination, and if they are beyond that point, you need to contact the insurance commissioner or department of insurance and have them help you get the insurance company moving.

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