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Turning left to an apt. Complex | Who is at fault for this collision?


I was going to turn left to my apt. complex I stooped in the middle yellow lane and waited until no cars were coming I turned and when my front wheels where inside the driveway already I see this car coming like at 40 mph and he hit me on the passenger side door and part of the back door.

I do not know why he was coming at that speed because all cars were stopped because the trolley (train) was passing at the corner and the traffic lights were red.

when I turned that lane was totally clear i don't know were this car came from the only thing I can think is that he changed lanes and he didn't see me entering the apt. complex, but of course he sez is my fault, I called the police but they said that if it was nobody injured they couldn't come so now is my word against his.

Who's fault was it?


Hello Doralynn,

Well, there are not enough facts here. What was his point of impact. Did you see him ever? Or not until the collision?

Did he see you? Did he or did he not change lanes? All of these questions will be critical. Also, what kind of avoidance action did you take?

An adjuster will have to investigate this. The fact that you are making a left against the flow of traffic will hurt your case. Even if you are into the parking lot, part of your vehicle is still out in the flow of traffic (that lane would have the right of way), and thus can tag you.

This is not to say that the other driver might have some negligence on this. Again, an investigation must be done. To learn more about fault, please see:

Good Luck,

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