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Two accidents within a week | Impact on rates?

by Sue

If I was in an accident one week and got certain injuries but I was not at fault and then in the next week get into another accident which I was not at fault and sustained different injuries will the other party insurance companies take care of the medical bills.


Hi Sue, well there if there is clear difference between the injury of accident 1 and accident 2 (you broke right arm in acc 1 and left arm in acci 2) then each insurance company has to pay for each different injury.

However, if you have a situation where you were injured and then your injury is made worse, then the first insurance company must pay for the first injury, determine at what point of injury you were and what kind of exacerbation did the second injury caused.

This can be a hard situation because the insurance companies will be at each other for the medial bills.

The best action to take here to protect coverage until everything gets sort out is to have your own insurance company deal with your medical bills and have them distribute to whoever will en up having to pay them.

Good Luck,

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