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Underage car rental coverage

by Aaron robinson
(Houston, TX)

I'm 18 and my insurance policy says i have rental reimbursement but i cant find a place to rent me a car due to my age....

so i need 2 know if there is anyway i can rent a car or would i just take the rental reimbursement off my policy.


Well Aaron,

Really, there is no way for you to do it. Most rental car companies require you to be 21 to rent (some ask you to be 25). This will be an issue for you. The insurance company can issue you a cash payment for the value of the rental (some will give you problems with this), but most will work with you.

The only thing you can do is a work around. Have your mom or dad rent the car for you. They will probably have to drive the rental and you drive their car (once you rent a car, you are not suppose to lend or to let anyone drive).

Good Luck

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