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Uninsured motorist | Deductible recovery?

by Joann
(Alabama )

My husband was in a hit an run. the other driver was finally arrested, but he did not have insurance.

We have to front the 500.00 toward the deductable. Is there anyway to get my money back. Joann


Hello Joann,

You would have to against the person who hit you, of course. You can do this by going to small claims court or by a full fledge lawsuit. You have to bear this cost of recovery as you agreed to this deductible with your insurance company.

If you succeed, it's possible that you could end up recovering. See our notes on small claims here:

Note, most uninsured property damage coverage deductibles are lower ($100 to $200). Make sure that they are charging you this deductible and not the collision deductible (which is about $500).

These figures depend on what you purchased as your policy, so you may want to double check with your agent.

Good Luck,
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