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Uninsured, unlicensed driver hit our car now won't pay! Help!

by Sammi
(Seabrook,TX USA)

Our car was at a repair shop, waiting for us to pick it up when a women let her son move her car.

He backed into our car that was parked, messing up the front left quarter panel and hood, causing the whole front end to need to be repaid (all one piece).

His mother agreed to pay the repairs. She did send us $500.00 of the $1800.00, and now won't pay the rest. She keeps saying she will, then I never get any and she either will not answer the phone or just gives me another sob story.

This happened in Feb.2009
What can I do but take her to small claims court?

We live in TX, insurance is mandatory.


Hello Sammi,

Well, you can involve you insurance company, have them pay you and go after her insurance (if she has any). Or you can go to small claims court, as you outlined. There are however several caveats with that, pleases see our pages on that subject here:

Good Luck,

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