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Unisured car | Permission question

My son crashed his car and was looking for a replacement.

A friend told him about a car for sale, the owner moved out of state, but his roommate handed them the keys and took a deposite. (Care ,custody and control). While driving the brakes failed and he caused $4000 damage to an SUV.

We filed a claim with my son's ins American Family ( he had liability only) to get the other vehicle's claim paid and they wont pay since we did't have the titled owners permission.

If I read the law right the roommate was acting as an agent for the owner by handing over the keys and accepting deposite. My son doesn't want to get anybody in trouble, he just wants Am Fam to pay for the damage to other car. Thanks


Different states apply different laws for this. Some states will imply permission on that situation. Some will not. Some say that there is the one "permitee" rule. Basically, the owner gives permission to the next person. That next person can only give permission once, after that, no permission can be granted.

You need to talk to a lawyer in your local area to find out exactly what law your jurisdiction follows.


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