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Using my UIM coverage

by Cynthia

I was rear ended at a stop sign and the driver of the other car did not have coverage at the time of the accident. I am now in the process of using my UIM to cover my injuries. How does this process work? Will this affect my insurance rates? What are the limitations of using my own UIM?


Hello Cynthia,

Well, once it’s determined that there is no insurance policy on the vehicle that hit you; your UIM coverage will be enforced. How does this process works?

Your claim file will most likely be split between two adjusters, a PIP (personal injury protection adjuster) and an Uninsured Bodily Injury Adjuster. You will be dealing with two different people and in theory; they cannot see each other’s file and/or notes.

The PIP adjuster will pay all your qualified medical expenses (doctor’s visits, medicine, etc). The UIM adjuster will settle with you for your pain and suffering and then pay back your PIP for all expenses.

Your UIM will only settle with you when you are ready and does not have to ensure a good settlement as long as you sign a release. That is the process in a nutshell.

For more information on how to deal with adjusters regarding your pain and suffering claim, click here.

Good Luck

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