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Vandalism Claim

I live in Arkansas and while parked at a vehicle sales lot, my vehicle as well as two others were vandalized. My insurance company paid approx. 13% of the shop estimate. Subsequently, the other two victims of the vandalism told me the vehicle sales lot insurance had paid claims to them. That insurance company offered roughly 71% of the shop estimate. Am I obligated to pay my insurance company their portion back even though both would be less than the shop estimate (approximately 84%)?

Thank you


Hello there, we are sorry to hear your case. The answer is: Most likely yes! Most insurance polices have the Subrogation of Rights Clause. Yours probably does also. This means that you have to "help" them get whatever they paid for your claim. If the other person pays above and beyond what your insurance company paid you, then you get the difference. However, their right to be compensated is first.

Good Luck.

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