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Vandalized vehicle = rates going up?

by Gary

My car was vandalized and I'm concerned about my insurance going up. Is this a fact that it I will be paying more for the vandalism in the long run?


Hello Gary,

You are asking a tricky question. We have written articles about the subject here:

You pay insurance for a reason, and your insurance should not go up. However, if the facts are against you, (you live in a bad area, or you have a lot of enemies, etc), the insurance company will probably argue that you are a higher risk to insured.

If your example you leave the car open and keys in the ignition, and the car is stolen; the insurance company will likely argue that they will end up paying much more in your claims that they first anticipated.

Other factors that can impact your claim are things like your claim history. Is this your first claim or this is the third one in six months. Also, how long have you been a customer, three weeks? or 5 years?

The damage done to the vehicle also impacts this. Was the vehicle a total loss? or was only simply things they could fix for not that much. All of these factors will come into play.

Good Luck,

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