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Vehicle Stolen | What now? I was in jail and conot follow up?

by Michael
(Jersey City, NJ, USA)

My car was stolen 2-1-09. The insurance company notified me on 2-5-09 the car was recovered. I had full coverage on the car. Prior to it being recovered I submitted all the forms send to me by the insurance company.

The insurance company told me where the car was located. I made arrangements to go and see what if any damage there was on 2-6-09.

Before I have been able to do that I was arrested on a parole violation. I spent the next 10 months in state prison. Released 12-1-09 and going through my mail the insurance company denied my claim due to me not reporting what if any damage the car sustained!

It was physically impossible for me to even take care of household bills never mind the condition f my car.

Can they just deny the claim, when they informed me of its where abouts?


Hello Michael,

You have a duty to report losses and act reasonably. However, when you are in prison, you are not reasonably able to move the claim forward.

Talk to a lawyer and see if they can help you! There are statutes that protect people on jail or in the military who cannot protect their interest. You might be able to do something there. Again, talk to a lawyer. There might be something you can do.

Can they denied the claim? They could but you can see if they reconsider and make a good point to reopen the claim and have coverage.

Good Luck,

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