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Wage loss in Kentuky?

I was involved in an accident that was the fault of the other driver. I was in my work truck when this occurred.

Policy with my job states that when involved in an accident you must take a drug test. I was picked up at the accident site and taken to the medical office. The test takes a few days to get the results. That means I am not allowed to drive until my test results come back.

My company does not pay me while I am off. So I filed a claim with State Farm Insurance on the loss wage issue. Since the reason I was of was because of the negligence of the driver who hit me.

I got a call today from the rep. at State Farm and she told me that I could not file a claim unless I was injured. I was not injured but I would not be in this situation if their client had not hit me.

She stated that there is no Kentucky law to back this claim. so do i have any grounds to go forward with this claim and get legal advice



You have the grounds to talk to an attorney. These damages are likely caused because of the other driver negligent action. You are left with wage loss and you should be compensated for that.

Talk to an attorney for all details, please see:

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