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Wage loss

My 17 yo daughter was rear ended in a car accident in Feb, 07 and had to go to the emergency room. As part of her pain & suffering claim, I'd like to include my wage loss on the day(s) I had to take her to the subsequent doctor visits. To prove my wage loss, is a letter from me specifying the day(s) I did not work sufficient, or does this have to be certified from my employer.



We are sorry to learn about your daughters accident. You are entitled to your wage loss due to the fact that your daughter is a minor.

The insurance company will request information directly from your employer. Your letter is good as long it can be verifiable by the insurance company.

Most insurance adjusters will ask your for permission to call the employer and verify that you did not come to work the days in question and your wage rate. Usually a telephone conversation is enough because you are only claiming the day few days.

Send them a letter and give them the information of who to contact at work and their number(human resources, or your direct supervisor). Usually adjuster get it handled as they receive the letter.

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Nov 21, 2007
Good Question
by: Anonymous

Thank you for submitting your question, we hope our reply help you some.


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