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want a check to fix the damages as i see fit

by james
(denver co )

i was rear ended the insurance company wants me to go through a place they use all the time but i just want a check for the damages and then i can use the money as i see fit to fix the damages.


It depends. Are you going after the insurance company that rear ended you or are you dealing with your own insurance company?

If you are dealing with your own company, and you have a bank loan, the insurance company will have to pay your bank first. They will probably put the name of the bank on the check. If you have no loan, they will just give you a check.

If you are dealing with the other person's insurance company then they have not duty to protect the bank. They can simply give you a check.

In either situation, the insurance companies probably will not want to give you more than their original estimate would be. If you are ok with that, then you can take their payment. If you believe the payment will not covered 100% of the damages, then you would have to get a second mechanic to look at your car and write an estimate. Then your mechanic and the claim adjuster would have to agree in the difference between the two.

Good Luck

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