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Was hit by rental car who was driving was not under insurance policy

by Marilu
(Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

My car was legally parked and hit by a rental car. Car had insurance but driver was not under policy. Adjuster says if driver has no secondary y insurance, I will have to involve my insurance.

I do not wish to do that because although I will have my deductible returned in court , I will have claim on file and my rate will go up.

I was in no way at fault and feel I should not have to involve my insurance.

Is rental company responsible for covering damages to my car? Come on, who wants to be hit by an irresponsible person and end up having to go through with all this mess?


Hello Marilu,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. The rental car company will probably argue that they did not cause the accident. They did not hit your car, and thus they have no liability to you. They also do no have a contract with you or a policy and thus, you cannot hold them liable for the situation.

This argument might be defeated (unlikely, but you can always argue) that they had a duty to make sure there was liability insurance, and they fail to check.

Again this might be a bad argument but about the best one you can make to have your car fixed by them.

Yes, it's not pretty when you have to involve your own insurance company in something like this as your rates might be affected. Get a quote right now (before you file a claim) and see how much your rates are everywhere. We recommend this site:>insurance quotes

Get a quote after the claim is settled and/or close and see if the rates are different. If they go up substantially, then you know it happened because of an accident that was not your fault. You can talk to your agent and show them the cheapest quote. If they cannot reduce your rates back, then switch insurance carrier.

Remember, you do pay insurance for things like this one. Make sure you get the proper coverage if you need to.

P.S. Thanks for the picture.

Good Luck,

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