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Water damage to engine | Coverage

by Jay
(New York)

My wife drove her 2007 corolla car into 2 feet of water which blew the engine. The car is out of warrantee and the repair shop says cost is between $2200 and $2600.

I have a $1000 deductible. Should I put a claim in? Will the insurance company want there own repair shop to fix it?


Hello Jay,

I am sorry to hear about the engine. Well, filing a claim is up to you. There a few things you need to consider before you file.

The insurance company will probably investigate and determine coverage. They will give you an estimate and you decide where to take your car. Usually, there is no problem so long as the estimate from the insurance company is within the cost your shop quotes you. See more about car damage estimates here.

$2200 to $2600 for a blown engine? It sounds a little low.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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