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What are my rights to a totaled lease car

by sherri

I was in a major accident. My lease car was totaled by a new 16 year old driver. I still owe on the lease till September and the car is only worth 12,000.00 buy out at the end of the lease.

Am I still responsible for the lease until September. I am under a doctors care right now. I have back pain and numbness in my hands. Where do I stand with the insurance adjuster.


The totaled lease process is somewhat less complicated than the normal total loss process. The insurance company will have to contact directly the lessor and determine what the car is worth.

The balance on the lease would be owed until september, however, the insurance company must pay (settle) that directly with the leasing company.

You will be out of car, but you will not have to make the payments on the lease (fair exchange). As far was getting money back, it is unlikely that you would, but under certain circumstances you would (in a strictly totaled lease car situation), however, you will be entitled to pain and suffering for your injuries (assuming you were 0% at fault for this accident).

Good Luck

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