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What coverage in this situation.

by Jan

My husband hit ice, hit the wall and than his truck spun across traffic and he hit the other wall on the other side of the road.

Once he came to a stop another car slammed into his truck. I only have liability and comprehensive coverage as the truck is 1998.

I am understanding that I have zero coverage under our USAA policy but what about from the other vehicle hitting the truck? The truck is totaled by the way.

Answer to What coverage in this situation?

Hello Jan,

It seems like your husband is liable for this accident and it is your USSA policy then one that has to pay the other vehicle that hit you.

Your husband lost control of the truck at what would appear a pretty fast rate of speed (hitting two walls). If the is stopped when the other vehicle hit him, then a question of how much time between the time he stopped until he was hit again.

If the accident against the walls had “just” happened, it is unlikely to find any negligence on the over vehicle that was coming on the proper lane. If however, the collision against the walls happened 10 to 15 minutes plus and the your husband had done something to warn incoming traffic (hazard lights, hunk, flags, fire works) then that vehicle could have some negligence on the accident.

Talk to a local attorney.

Good Luck,

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