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What if I choose not to make repairs?

by J, Miller

I own my car, no finance company involved, I hit a deer and the adjuster came and looked at my car and mailed me a check for the damages, I am choosing not to make the repairs and just drive it the way it is, do I need to return the check?


Hello J,

Nope. The money is yours. You elect whatever you want with it. the only thing is that you cannot back and ask for more.

If the estimate that they paid out of is low, then you might want another shop to look at the car and make sure everything is accounted for.

If however, you feel this estimate is good or fair, then you can simply choose to drive your car like that and keep the money.

Good Luck,

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Sep 27, 2011
by: JustHit

Did your insurance company require a police report (for hitting the deer) before honoring the claim? Which company was it? I hit a deer less than 2 hours ago and I'm not sure whether I should call State Farm and or the police or not.

Oct 10, 2009
what do i do
by: Anonymous

i receive hail damage to my car and i chose not to have it fix and 1 year later i got hit from the rear but the other party hade no insurance but i have uninsured motoriest my insurance company want to deduct what they paid me for my hail damage

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