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what if you are on 2 policies and you have medical bills

by Jessica

I am on my parents' policy with nationwide.

They had to get a policy with my husband and I after we married due to the car being in their name and the car was to be housed at my address 4 miles away.

I totaled my car and they are paying off the car but they now say the medical will need to be sent to progressive under my husband policy. Why if both my husband and i was riders on my parents policy?

Answer to what if you are on 2 policies and you have medical bills:

Hello Jessica,

That's interesting. Are you policy holders? If you are simply a rider, then the car should be insured by the household where it is garaged (even if that is next door).

There maybe a coverage problem here. The bottom line is that you should have at least two polices that will cover this, so you may have to do some homework as to submit claims to both insurance companies and see which will be primary and which one will be secondary.

Good Luck,
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