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What is a reasonable amount of insurance to have on my car?

by Diane

I am a 60 year old female and I drive a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon SE mid-life crisis car. The crisis is over and the car is still running great. I am now on a limited income and am in need of reducing my expenses. The car only has 80,000 miles on it so I want to drive it for as long as I can. Given my age and the fact that I no longer drive more than about 5000 - 6000 miles per year and most of it in my midwest home town, could I lower the amount of coverage without putting myself at too much risk?

I am an excellent driver (one accident in 40 years...four years ago I slid on a wet freeway road at 30 mph in bumper to bumper traffic and hit someone in the back end...not ticketed...the other driver fled the scene.... a little over $500 damage to my car).

I have full coverage right now:
Liability - bodily: $100,000/Person $300,000/ACC
Property: $100,000/ACC
Medical - $10,000 per person (will keep this the same)
Uninsured Bodily Injury $100,000/Person $300,000/ACC
Underinsured Bodily Injury $100,000/Person $300/000/ACC

Comprehensive $500 DED and Collision $500 DED which I will keep the same,
along with Road Service COMP & COLL.

Any thoughts on this?

Answer to What is a reasonable amount of insurance to have on my car?

Hello Diane,

I am sorry for not being able to help you. We are not sure. We deal with “accident claims” and not insurance rates. Your rates depend on many other factors (area, claim history, points on your license, etc.).

I f you want to get a good deal, start by getting several quotes from different websites online.

Good Luck,
Auto Accident Claims

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