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What is my worste case senerio?

I was a passenger 2005 in a vehicle that was rear ended on a bridge. Car was totaled and on top of that the driver of the car I was in had to chase the driver of the semi truck to get him to stop.

We were taken to the hospital after then released, as well as a tmj issue that caused me to have surgery on both sides months later my condition isnt getting any better, I go get checked out and find out that I'm suffering for a closed head injury causing ptsd. At the time of the accident i was self Employed making no less than thirty thousand dollars a year three years up until my accident.

Insurance adj offers 150,000 medical bill currently 90,000 and counting. and my doctors are telling me I'll be on medication for the rest of my life.And rht i will need future treatment. Note tht driver of semi truck has admitted to his negligence.



Well, I simply don't know what the worst case scenario is here. What are the limits? There is simply too much information missing.

You really should talk to an attorney about this.

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