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What to do after a weather related accident

by Jerome

What should I do first after a weather related in regards to the insurance company.

The car is totaled and been tolled to a wrecking company. I did not go to the hospital and was not giving a ticket for property damage.


Hello, there are different steps you need to take.

Assuming your insurance company is descent and will treat you right.

You need to get an insurance quote now (while the claim is pending). You need to know exactly where your rates are with your insurance company and other insurance companies.

If your insurance company will jack up your rates (they do this often with weather related claims), then you know what other insurance companies will insure for (they will honor the quote).

Get a quote from several different carrier through the link below.

The fact that you did not get a ticket will not make the insurance company give you a break.

A weather related claim happens when there is either lack of care (you were driving too fast for the weather conditions), or you do not take care of your vehicle (you leave your vehicle outside and hail damaged it). In either situation they will increase your rates.

You need to also understand the total loss process. It is a difficult situation and it can be frustrating. Here is a pretty good overview of the process and how a total loss is settled.

Remember, you also have a duty to mitigate your damages. If the vehicle is at a yard and it is accruing storage charges, the insurance company might make you pay those. Make sure the claim is moving forward and that they will cover all your damages.

Good Luck,

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