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What to do if Towing Company will not give information?

My car was impounded for expired registration. My car was in parking lot and the sheriff and towing company already had the car slim jammed open and discussing how they were going to start because could not get on tow truck where car was parked.

I walked up and they said I could give keys or they would get started without my keys. Of course, gave keys.

Next day, got insurance and got registered. Driving home, my hood flew up and broke windshield as well as dented hood.

I have been trying for 2-3 days to talk to the office manager of the tow truck company because they popped my hood when they thought they were going to have to start my car without my keys.

It's obvious now that they are giving the runaround because manager is not available or just left and will be back shortly or is gone for the rest of the day and never calls me back. The receptionist said can not give information as to who their insurance company is so I can file a claim.

Don't they have to give me their insurance company if I ask?

Thank you for any info you can give me!!



No, they do not. Unfortunately the only way to force anyone to give insurance information is have an attorney subpoena the documents through a court process. You should ask them and see if they give this information, if they don't (which they have already suggested that they will not), then you are going to need a lawyer.

To contact an attorney in your local area please see:

You can also contact your own insurance company and see if your adjuster can help you figure out who's insurance company is responsible.

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