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What to do in this hit and run accident

I was recently in a hit and run accident. I was the driver and I had three other passengers.

All of my passengers have received claim paperwork in the mail to help with their medical bills and I guess for pain and suffering also.

I'm not really sure.

My question is since my insurance company had to pay for the accident using my uninsured motorist will I get help with my medical bills and pain and suffering or will I have to pay for my own medical bills.



Well, simply because a car accident is a hit and run it does not mean that the driver (you) have no negligence. Usually, the hit and run vehicle is at fault (which is why they ran, in the first place), but sometimes, the insurance company will have to do an investigation to see if you are liable for at least a portion.

If you are not liable and you do have Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury, you are likely entitled to pain and suffering. The medical bills will also be covered, but note, that if you have PIP coverage, they would be covered regardless.

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