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What to do with this accident?

by Kim
(Baton Rouge, LA)

My auto insurance elapsed. My vehicle was involved in a wreck. the other drivers fault. Can I still file a claim and receive full amount for my vehicle without insurance?

This was in Louisiana


Hello Kim,

Yes, you can recover for the dames the other party caused to you, as long as Louisiana does not have a bar your recover for not having insurance. Most states do not bar this recovery but some do. Consult with a local attorney to make sure.

please see:

Good Luck,

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Oct 25, 2011
What will happen to me?
by: Anonymous

I was in an accident, this guy ran a red light. He totaled my car out. My insurance lapsed so my car wasn't covered. When I got my car I got some gap insurance. Even though I didn't have insurance will my gap insurance still cover my car? Will the guy at fault have to pay me for my car? I read online that Kansas is a no fault state. How will this affect me?

Oct 07, 2011
What to do
by: Jay

Just recently my parked vehicle was rear ended by a stolen car running from the police can i open a claim for my damages if my insurance lapsed 6 days i have the police report but it has no insurance listed for the owner of the stolen car, what can i do?

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