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What Type of Compensation Could I Recieve?

by Bob
(keokuk, ia. usa)

I was working on my truck and was hit from behind by another vehicle. It was insured. my leg is all messes up. was told I need acl reconstruction, scar tissue removal and quite possibly have to have my knee re-built.

The insurance company said no to having the surgery done and that they are paying no medical bills.

I have 8 months of lost wages and had to sell my vehicle and other personal property to pay rent and bills. I am also going to have life-long problems with my leg due to it not being repaired. All they had was liability insurance.


Hello Bob,

Well, you may have a substantial claim here. A permanent injury could be worth some money. Simply because they only have liability, it does not mean you do not have any other source of recovery. You must talk to an attorney to see all your possible recovery. First consultation is free.

There are too many variables (like your state, your legal climate, and, of course, your medical bills).

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